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Ep. 116 | Let’s Chat About the Book Writing Process with Tracy Matthews

In today’s episode, I sit down with Tracy Matthews and chat all about the book writing process.

Inside This Episode: 

  • How Tracy got her start in the jewelry designing industry
  • What caused Tracy’s pivot to mentoring jewelry designers alongside being a designer herself
  • All about Tracy’s new book – the Desired Brand Effect
  • Why being self-aware is so important in business
  • Tracy’s best piece of advice for someone wanting to write their own book
  • A typical day in the life for Tracy
  • Tracy’s favorite (and least favorite) part of her day
  • and so much more

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About Tracy Matthews: 

Tracy Matthews is a Jewelry Designer, Entrepreneur, the Host of the Top-Rated, Thrive By Design Podcast and the author of the Desired Brand Effect: Stand Out in a Saturated Jewelry Market With a Timeless Brand.
Over the past 25 years, she’s founded four (4) companies including two eponymous jewelry companies, Flourish & Thrive Academy, and Creatives Rule the World. She helps creators and makers of all types align their businesses with their life goals to become better leaders, create financial security and freedom, and live more fulfilled and fun lives.
Every week, she inspires over 150,000 people to launch, grow, and scale successful multi six and seven figure jewelry, product, and creative businesses through her podcast, blog, social media platforms, coaching, and programs. For more, visit FlourishThriveAcademy.com or CreativesRuleTheWorld.com

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